Partner Area

Naizak serves business partners and enables them to expand their business through a list of value added services available. Partnering with Naizak opens up new ways of combined channel work, and strengthens the stand of our business partners through dedicated time allocation, deal registration, business protection and combined technical services.  

Become a Partner

Becoming a partner with Naizak Distribution will lead to a long term fruitful business relationship on many products within our portfolio. Naizak offers an exceptional partnership track to partners who wish to dedicate and will help through the requirements to achieve advanced partner status with the products we distribute. In a relatively short time, partners could expect to advance their track status and reach much higher levels of revenue.

Why Partner with Naizak

  • Focus on building a base of future value
  • Dedicated team of young specialists
  • Regional Coverage & market experience
  • Value Added Relationship
  • Technical expertise
  • Access to regional demo pool

Deal Registration

Deal Registrations work in your favor. Generally speaking, a deal is usually registered to the confirmed partner who has introduced the product/service to the end customer. This registration allows the partner to work with enough space from other competitive partners in the same region. This registration also allows us and the principle vendor to recognize the source of the request where we could quickly make sure this project is under control, especially when we get approached by any other system integrator.
Deal Registration is usually applied for 60 days from the day of the registration is confirmed. Constant update is required to keep the registration intact. Failure to update will lift off any protection/cover previously applied on the project.

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