Software Defined Networking

Ocedo, an enterprise networking company founded in 2013 with its global headquarters in Germany, announced its entry in the fast growing software defined networking (SDN) market. Networks engineered using SDN technologies benefit from increased agility, speed, scalability, and lower capital and operating costs. Ocedo is uniquely focused on bringing these SDN benefits to distributed enterprise networks specifically for mid-sized companies.

The solution developed by Ocedo offers a complete, integrated range of cloud managed and SDN enabled network equipment to connect wired, wireless and wide-area networks. The Ocedo System enables IT departments and MSPs to roll-out entire networks remotely from the cloud, track network activity in a “single pane of glass”, and provision network configuration changes in real time.

Additional highlights include:

  • Ocedo lets customers choose between cloud service and local hosting to ensure the SDN solution fits the customers privacy requirements
  • Ocedo helps to control BYOD environments by enabling users to self board their devices and then dynamically applying user-based network access rules independent of location
  • Ocedo securely connects locations such as offices, data centers, stores and home offices with SDN-automated IPSec VPNs and next-generation firewalling

Ocedo is the smart way to connect today’s growing, agile organizations. The Ocedo System enables IT administrators to easily manage multi-site networks from the cloud, eliminating the hassle of manually configuring individual network components. Ocedo partners offer complete networks as a service, enabling customers to quickly deploy fast and reliable infrastructure. With over a decade of experience engineering networks for thousands of organizations around the globe, the Ocedo team is delivering the benefits of software-defined networking to distributed enterprise networks.