Link Load Balancers

With today’s growing Internet demands, Elfiq Networks enhances network performance and business continuity through innovative link balancing and bandwidth management technologies. Using Elfiq Networks Link Balancers, companies can leverage simultaneous ISPs, mix public and private links for added flexibility, seamless failover, increased throughput and smarter WAN path selection.

Elfiq have been delivering innovation and excellence since 2004, creating a unique value proposition which is used in businesses in over 130 countries all over the world.  Elfiq Networks has built unique expertise in this field and can help organizations of any size or vertical sector, from small businesses to global enterprises, and further its ability to compete by ensuring constant reliable access to the Internet, the foundation of modern communications.

Link Balancers offer significant benefits to any organization which is dependent on Internet or telecom to conduct normal operations. Key benefits include:

  • Business continuity: the use of multiple ISP links enables maximum uptime for connectivity, therefore ensuring the organization is able to conduct online activities normally even if one or more ISPs are not available, as long as one remains. Key services such as web surfing, VPN access and voice traffic will remain available and ensure normal operations.
  • Productivity improvement: aggregating multiple links onto the same Link Balancer gives the organization the benefit of increased throughput for both upload and download activities.
  • Cost reduction: by preventing downtime, productivity is maintained and employees operate normally even during link failures. The same can be said of servers and services, ensuring all transactions are able to be completed.
  • Lower helpdesk calls: when Internet access is functioning normally, even when one or more ISPs are not available, users will not contact the helpdesk for assistance and will most likely not try to troubleshoot their equipment themselves.
  • Sales and opportunity enablement: an optimal access to customer resources for external visitors will always be guaranteed a better shopping experience. Internet visitors have a low tolerance for unavailable or disrupted connections, moving to a competitor’s resource or web site.

Elfiq manufactures hardware based network load balancers designed to proactively manage bandwidth and multiple ISP or private links. Typically, these devices are installed between the firewall and modems and/or routers. Link Balancers will perform the following functions:

  • Link failover: should an ISP link not be available one or more links will handle the traffic until the troubled link returns to normal.
  • Outbound traffic balancing: the link balancer will be able to distribute traffic leaving the organization across available links based on organizational preferences
  • Inbound traffic balancing: through DNS (Domain Name Service) interception, a link balancer will be able to distribute incoming traffic across all selected links. Common examples include roaming VPN clients, webmail access, transactional applications and email retrieval by remote users.
  • Session persistence management: with certain types of traffic, sessions such as SIP (VoIP), HTTPS (secure web site access) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) cannot be balanced.