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Overland Tandberg Solutions

Empowering Organizations to Securely Manage and Protect Their Digital Assets

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Solutions for Small Office Home Office

Small office and Home office business owners rely on technology to drive their businesses. Their data is often left unguarded or unsecure from malicious threats, natural disasters, malware or otherwise. They know of the cloud—but do not trust what they cannot see, leaving them uncertain and anxious. “Lost data” is cited as their biggest fear in ruining their business. Finally, there is a solution built with the industrial strength of the big companies and the empathy for the small business environment. 

Solutions for SMB

SMBs represent the #1 employer of the world’s jobs. They are busy and focused on running their businesses. Increasingly, data dependency is growing and the need for reliable and trusted data protection and archive solutions is critically important to running their businesses smoothly. SMBs are often restricted in their data budgets and oftentimes cannot afford to hire full-time technical staff to oversee their IT environments, leaving them in a tenuous position of fear and anxiety. Data and IT can be scary and complicated, but businesses know they need them and rely on both to drive their operations. The RDX® patented and removable data cartridge system is the premiere solution for backup and recovery for SMBs.

Solutions for SME

Small to Mid-size Enterprises, frequently find themselves in a conundrum. They have worked hard to become a more significant business—often neglected by larger companies that service the Enterprise or smaller ones focused on the SMB space. Overland tandberg provides solutions for the SME space that is often overlooked. 

Solutions for Enterprise

For over forty years, Overland-Tandberg™ has been the preeminent provider of LTO tape products and services across the globe. At Overland-Tandberg, our solutions deliver unsurpassed flexibility to Enterprise customers. Data storage, protection and archive are growing at an all-time high and companies need dependable partners focused and prepared to support their data centers with the highest level of service. Our global service team make Overland-Tandberg the perfect choice when it comes to outfitting large data centers.

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