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Swivel Secure

About Swivel Secure

Deployed in over 54 countries and implemented in various enterprises such as Government, Education, Finance and more, Swivel Secure provides organisations with true Multi-factor authentication (MFA). Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry®, delivers an intelligent solution combined with Single sign-on (SSO) and Risk-based authentication (RBA) to help secure authentication for both Cloud and On-Premise architecture.

Brief on products/services distributed by Naizak

Naizak provides our award winning multi-factor authentication solution, AuthControl Sentry®, to help organizations prevent unauthorized access to their applications and data. We are working together selling hardware and software, as well as building relationships with customers and partners in the cybersecurity industry. Naizak is a trustworthy and reliable business partner, always delivering on any promises and dedicated to providing high standards of customer service.


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