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OCtoPUS Solutions

Best profitability, Highest performance, Higher flexibility

What if you could get the best compute power from your clusters while reducing your costs to update and maintain them? While standard server architectures reach their limits, new technologies and approaches enable us to reach a new level of efficiency.

At 2CRSi, we designed an all-in-1 solution based on the OCP community standards combined with our unique server designs: OCtoPus, a wide range of 21’’ servers compatible with 3 cooling technologies.


The OCtoPus combines the best advantages of OCP architectures with unique R&D innovation from 2CRSi and new technologies from its strategic partners. 

A wide choice of cooling systems

  • Optimized air cooling
  • Direct liquid cooling (DLC)
  • Immersion cooling

Maintenance made quick and easy

  • Rectifiers, fans and servers are hot-pluggable
  • Front Data cables & LED indicators
  • Tool-free

Supercharged density level

Our larger 21’’ form factor allows you to push internal density to the next level

Dramatically increased reliability

  • Servers downtime is reduced
  • Fans & power supplies are relocated & aggregated
  • Power supplies are redundant

What makes our OCtoPus servers so unique?

All our servers are designed, customized and produced in house to meet your needs and provide the best performances. Our R&D department innovates with unique mechanics and electronics to allow for the best integration of the latest technologies available on the market.

Designed for optimal heat dissipation, all server configurations can be adapted to our three cooling systems (structure may vary according to cooling system chosen).

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