AuthControl Sentry Multi-Factor Authentication

AuthControl Sentry
Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication solutions for your business

Deployed in over 54 countries and implemented across enterprises including finance, government, healthcare, education, and manufacturing, AuthControl Sentry® provides organisations with true multi-factor authentication (MFA). It delivers an intelligent solution to prevent unauthorised access to applications and data. AuthControl Sentry® has the flexibility to support a range of architectural requirements and the ability to ensure maximum adoption, thanks to its variety of authentication factors.

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The award-winning multi-factor authentication solution from Swivel Secure

What makes it different?

  • Patented PINsafe® technology for ultimate security
  • Supports on-premise and cloud for changeable architecture
  • A single tenancy and single-tiered cloud solution ensures optimised customisation
  • Risk-based authentication and single sign-on as standard
  • Integrates seamlessly with hundreds of applications
  • Ensures maximum adoption with an extensive range of authenticators

On-premise architecture

Active Directory integration – Access internal systems via our Active Directory Agent, a locally installed software application that removes the need to share your Active Directory across the Internet, whilst maintaining user account synchronisation.

Comprehensive administration – With our expert team maintaining the infrastructure, the only thing left for you to manage are the integrations, policies and users. All administration is completed via our simple-to-use, comprehensive graphical user interface.

Single sign-on (SSO) – To make life easy and simplify administration, AuthControl Sentry® provides a seamless and unified approach to authentication. All authentication requests can be routed and controlled via our single sign-on page, based on the risk policies you define.

Cloud based architecture

A fixed IP – Each AuthControl Sentry® customer receives a dedicated fixed IP for their own virtual instance. There is no shared resource, no shared application programming interface, and no shared entry portal.

A dedicated offering – AuthControl Cloud gives you a dedicated virtual machine. There are no shared multi-tenanted options, so you can expect total management and control which means you have the flexibility to configure the solution to meet with your exacting needs.

A private firewall – We offer dedicated and independent firewalls for each customer, allowing tailored security and access control lists.

Architecture for integrating with Kemp Web Application Firewall

This example provides an architecture using Kemp’s Web Application Firewall. Kemp technologies together with AuthControl Sentry® delivers efficiency and innovation by empowering customers to
securely deliver applications.

Get AuthControl Sentry® for your Organisation

Swivel Secure provides an extensive range of authentication factors to ensure each deployment provides maximum adoption across your whole organisation.

Unitrends Backup & DR Solutions

Unitrends Backup & DR Solutions

#1 All-in-One Backup & DR Solution

Protect anything anywhere. Experience the modern answer for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

No Finger Pointing
Disruptive all-in-one approach removes backup complexity, with “one-throat-to-choke” support.
Less Management
Pre-integrated backup appliances and intuitive software cut management time by 50%.
More Flexibility
Backup appliances grow with your business. Easily scale up, out, and to the cloud.
More Uptime
Reduce downtime with instant recovery, ransomware detection, and automated DR testing.
More Confidence
SLA policy automation proves recoverability and compliance — define, analyze, and report.
Protect anything anywhere.
More Free Time
Predictive analytics proactively identify recovery issues. Spend your free time on other tasks.
Protect anything anywhere.

All-in-One Backup in Action

See for yourself how Unitrends delivers all-in-one backup and more confidence in recovery for IT pros.

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AxxonSoft Security Solutions

AxxonSoft Security Solutions

AxxonSoft Video Surveillance and Security Solutions

AxxonSoft is a leading developer of Video Management and Physical Security Information Management software. Since 2003, the company has been creating disruptive technologies that push the Safety & Security industry forward.

AxxonSoft’s unique strengths are Smart Forensic Search in recorded video, TimeCompressor video synopsis technology, and customizable video analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence. To meet the needs of a particular facility, AxxonSoft AI neural network learns to perform customer-specific tasks from video material obtained onsite.

offices worldwide
0 +
IP devices integrated
0 million+
video channels licensed

AI-Powered Analytics

Neural networks trained to perform customer-specific tasks

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MOBOTIX Video Technology

MOBOTIX Video Technology

Getting Back to Business With Support of the Intelligent MOBOTIX Video Technology

The world has changed. Special rules and regulations apply to many areas, such as trade, service industries, public buildings and squares, airports, railway stations, companies and schools.

MOBOTIX Video Technology Helps You Manage the New Requirements

MOBOTIX video technology helps you manage these new requirements. From additional apps in the latest MOBOTIX 7 generation cameras, with analysis and thermal imaging technologies, to specially developed add-on solutions from MOBOTIX‘s Technology and Solution Partners. Not to mention, these robust and multi-functional camera systems with edge technology are sure to retain their value well after the pandemic is past us, with an Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 80,000 hours. The software can also be easily upgraded at any time for numerous new industry-specific tasks.

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Strong Solutions and Strong Partners for a New World!

Accurate People Counting

  • Count people entering and leaving buildings or premises at a central entrance and exit (e.g. at doors, turnstiles) in real-time
  • Monitoring multiple entrances/exits using multiple cameras creating one consistent capacity count
  • Entrance control via live screen display or traffic light function

Detect Overcrowding

  • Detection of overcrowding and queuing situations (supporting social distancing)
  • Determine of the number of persons and the occupancy rate in defined areas
  • Alarm when user-defined threshold values are exceeded

Protect Areas and Detect Masks

  • Mask detection and warnings in cases of non-compliance (available as partner solution)
  • Preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas
  • Setting up multiple crossing lines prevents false alarms

Detect Temperature Abnormalities

  • Detection of persons/objects and their surface temperature
  • Visualization of temperature difference
  • Alarm on exceeding or falling below defined temperature ranges

One-stop service – All For Your Success

MOBOTIX and its partners are there for you! The robust and multi-functional camera systems with edge technology are sure to retain their value well after the pandemic is past us. The software can also be easily upgraded at any time for numerous new industry-specific tasks.

Cognito Platform

Cognito Platform

Intelligent, AI-driven threat detection and response for cloud, SaaS, and on-prem footprints

Designed by an award-winning team of data scientists and threat researchers, the Cognito platform represents the rich, security-enriched data output of a holistic approach to security – capturing network metadata at scale, enriching it with machine learning-derived security information and flexibly applying it across Cognito products.

Cognito Stream
Consume metadata where and how you want to
Cognito Recall
Use our custom prebuilt SaaS app to investigate and hunt
Cognito Detect
AI-based detections on top of network metadata
The right data with the right context
Cognito Platform
The cognito platform collects and stores the right network metadata and enriches it with machine learning
The right data with the right context

Detects attackers in real time and enriches threat investigations with a conclusive chain of evidence

Cognito Stream

Deliver scalable, security-enriched network metadata to feed custom detection and response tools

  • Actionable network data in Zeek format
  • Embedded with data science-derived security Insights
  • Associates network metadata with unique host attributes

Cognito Detect

The power of AI to detect and prioritize in-progress attacks in real-time

  • Automate manual processes and consolidate thousands of events and historical context to pinpoint hosts that pose the biggest threat
  • Enable automatic and manual enforcement directly from the Vectra platform or take action through existing security investments like orchestration, EDR and NAC solutions.
  • High-fidelity visibility into attacker behaviors across all public clouds, SaaS apps, private data centers and enterprise environments
  • Unique context eliminates the endless hunt-and-search for threats and enables immediate action

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OCtoPUS Solutions

Best profitability, Highest performance, Higher flexibility

What if you could get the best compute power from your clusters while reducing your costs to update and maintain them? While standard server architectures reach their limits, new technologies and approaches enable us to reach a new level of efficiency.

At 2CRSi, we designed an all-in-1 solution based on the OCP community standards combined with our unique server designs: OCtoPus, a wide range of 21’’ servers compatible with 3 cooling technologies.


The OCtoPus combines the best advantages of OCP architectures with unique R&D innovation from 2CRSi and new technologies from its strategic partners.

A wide choice of cooling systems

  • Optimized air cooling
  • Direct liquid cooling (DLC)
  • Immersion cooling

Maintenance made quick and easy

  • Rectifiers, fans and servers are hot-pluggable
  • Front Data cables & LED indicators
  • Tool-free

Supercharged density level

Our larger 21’’ form factor allows you to push internal density to the next level

Dramatically increased reliability

  • Servers downtime is reduced
  • Fans & power supplies are relocated & aggregated
  • Power supplies are redundant

What makes our OCtoPus servers so unique?

All our servers are designed, customized and produced in house to meet your needs and provide the best performances. Our R&D department innovates with unique mechanics and electronics to allow for the best integration of the latest technologies available on the market.

Designed for optimal heat dissipation, all server configurations can be adapted to our three cooling systems (structure may vary according to cooling system chosen).

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Overland Tandberg

Overland Tandberg

About Overland Tandberg

“The New Overland-Tandberg… Strong in heritage… rich future!”
Overland Storage, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sphere 3D Corp. Sphere 3D’s value proposition is simple and direct — we allow organizations to deploy a combination of public, private or hybrid cloud strategies, while backing them up with state of the art storage solutions at an affordable price. Sphere 3D, along with its wholly-owned subsidiaries Overland Storage and Tandberg Data, has a strong portfolio of brands including Glassware 2.0™, SnapCLOUD™, SnapScale®, SnapServer®, V3, RDX®, and NEO®.


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About Altaro

“Providing affordable back-up solutions with 24/7 support.”
Altaro VM Backup is a fast, affordable, high performance backup solution. We have cut the waste and hassle to give you an agile, streamline solution that is easy to implement and feature rich, with lightning fast support as a part of the package.


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ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks

ELFIQ by Adaptive Networks


“Powering Network Performance.”
Adaptiv Networks, a leading cloud-native SD-WAN-as-a-Service vendor, announced today its acquisition of ELFIQ Networks, a subsidiary of Martello Technologies Group. The addition of ELFIQ Networks broadens Adaptiv Networks’ portfolio of SD-WAN solutions for mid-size enterprises and accelerates its international expansion.
The ELFIQ Networks link balancing and SD-WAN solutions offer flexibility, simplicity, and performance for enterprises that need rock-solid access to digital services at speeds up to 20 Gbps. Combining the simplicity of the “as-a-service” model with the unique flexibility and robustness of ELFIQ’s layer-2 network edge solution creates a natural complement to Adaptiv’s cloud-native SD-WAN.

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About Malwarebytes

“Cybersecurity Made Smarter.”
Malwarebytes proactively protects people and businesses against dangerous threats such as: malware, Ransomware, and exploits that escape detection by traditional anti-virus solutions. Malwarebytes completely replaces anti-virus solutions to remove the personal obstacles and business interruptions caused by modern cyber security threats.



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