About AxxonSoft  

Founded in 2003, AxxonSoft is a leading developer of smart integrated security and video surveillance systems (VMS and PSIM). The company’s portfolio for the Safety & Security market boasts over 150,000 projects with 2.5 million cameras installed. AxxonSoft has more than 5,800 certified partners in 100+ countries, which perform over 1,500 installations every month. With 50 offices around the world, the company provides its partners with fast response times and exceptional support in every corner of the globe.

The AxxonSoft VMS and PSIM platforms power more than 240 Safe City municipal surveillance projects and security systems at retailers, banks, international airports, seaports, industrial sites, and numerous government and business facilities around the world.


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  • Axxon Next is best-in-class, new-generation Video Management Software with powerful analytics. Video surveillance systems based on Axxon Next can scale infinitely: there are no restrictions on the number of video servers, workstations or video cameras. Security needs of all sizes, from those of large-scale distributed facilities to the smallest sites, can be efficiently met with the Axxon Next VMS.
  • Axxon Intellect Enterprise is an open platform for physical security information management that supports integrated security systems of any level of complexity. The Intellect PSIM integrates with over 80 access control, perimeter protection, fire and security alarm systems from numerous manufacturers.


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About Mobotix

MOBOTIX is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality intelligent IP video systems, setting standards for innovative camera technologies and decentralized security solutions with the highest level of cybersecurity and GDPR compliant. MOBOTIX was founded in 1999 and is based in Langmeil, Germany. The company conducts its own research and development, and manufactures its own products with the guarantee of excellence attached to Made in Germany. Other sales offices are located in New York, Dubai, Sydney, Paris and Madrid. Customers worldwide trust in the durability and reliability of MOBOTIX hardware and software. The flexibility, built-in intelligence and unparalleled data security of the company’s solutions are valued in many industries. MOBOTIX products and solutions help customers in industries such as industrial manufacturing, retail, logistics, and healthcare. With strong international technology partnerships, the company is expanding its universal platform and new applications in a wide variety of areas through the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning modules.

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Cyber secure and decentralized, low-energy video systems, software and services


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About 2CRSI

France based public limited company specialized in Industrial IOT, Servers, Storage. Created in 2004, 2CRSi is a group focused on server manufacturing. We provide products suitable for industries which require robust and/or embedded solutions and for datacentres looking for high-performance and high-density systems combined with energy efficiency.

Our products are designed and manufactured in France, the United Kingdom and San Jose, USA. With subsidiaries in Manchester and Dubai, we deploy our products on a very large scale in 25 countries for computing, data storage and data transfer applications.

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  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Industrial Systems


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Vectra AI

Vectra AI

About Vectra AI

Vectra is the leader in AI-based network detection and response (NDR) solution for cloud, SaaS, data center and enterprise infrastructures in real time, while empowering security analysts to perform conclusive incident investigations and AI-assisted threat hunting.

Comprehensive cyber-attack detection and response is mandatory in today’s hostile data environments, and the stakes have never been higher. No other company comes close to Vectra in proactively hunting down cyber attackers and reducing business risk.

Our core team consists of threat researchers, white hats, data scientists, network security engineers, and UI designers. We constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible to drive the next generation of security.

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Cognito Stream

  • Deliver scalable, security-enriched network metadata to feed custom detection and response tools.
  • Actionable network data in Zeek format.
  • Embedded with data science-derived security Insights.
  • Associates network metadata with unique host attributes.

Cognito Recall

  • AI-assisted threat hunting from cloud and data center workloads to the enterprise.
  • Custom-engineered investigative workbench optimized for Vectra metadata delivering sub second searches at scale
  • Collect and store rich network metadata, relevant logs and cloud events in real-time
  • Dive deep into incidents triggered by security tools to identify other host devices, accounts and attackers involved in an incident

Cognito Detect

  • The power of AI to detect and prioritize in-progress attacks in real-time.
  • Automate manual processes and consolidate thousands of events and historical context to pinpoint hosts that pose the biggest threat
  • Enable automatic and manual enforcement directly from the Vectra platform or take action through existing security investments like orchestration, EDR and NAC solutions.
  • High-fidelity visibility into attacker behaviors across all public clouds, SaaS apps, private data centers and enterprise environments.
  • Unique context eliminates the endless hunt-and-search for threats and enables immediate action.



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Kemp Technologies

About Kemp

Kemp powers the always-on application experience [AX] that enterprises and service providers need to succeed. Kemp has redefined the load balancer by providing more simplified deployments, more flexible licensing options, and world-class technical support. Kemp is the world’s most-popular virtual load balancer with more than 100,000 deployments in 138 countries. Take control of your AX at

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Load Balancers

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